What Kids Don’t Learn in School

What Kids Don’t Learn in School What Kids Don’t Learn in School The typical reaction to this diary-worthy idea from a former teacher is along the lines of, “Well, it’s not exactly like those documentaries, Kid’s Stuff, orification videos, maybe…” Yes, kind of like watching birds with binoculars, except it’s on your computer. Or maybe […]

The Inventor of the Outhouse

The Inventor of the Outhouse The Inventor of the Outhouse Defecation was said to be an arbitrary act during the ancient times. Speaking of who invented the outhouse, it began with the fact that feces are excreted anywhere they like, such as on walls, which would then rot and become a health hazard. Although they […]

How Do Adults Learn?

How Do Adults Learn?   How Do Adults Learn? Malcolm Knowles was an educational scholar that researched and wrote books on how adults learn and process information. Knowles came to the conclusion that there are four basic assumptions that are made upon which learning can be enhanced or developed. Knowles advised, we should acknowledge the […]

The Lando II

The Lando II – Manifest Destiny The Lando II The very first mention of Lando II on records is in 1591, when the English founded Fort Carroll on the White River. In 1592, Carroll married the Indian princess Mary Thomas, who was from neighboring Indiana. A grandson of George White, Thomas Jefferson sent men to […]

Old West Business Lunch

An Old West Business Lunch Old West Business Lunch As much as anything else, a place’s ability to keep from becoming a ghost town was its ability to get the railroad. When iron ore shipped by train arrived at a plant in Kearny, New Jersey, in the fall of 1878, more than forty thousand people […]

Black MBA Program

Black MBA Program Offers Top Margins to All Who Entered MBA Programs Black MBA Program Kwame Maina stepped into the chair of Ramothorn Training Centre (TTC) in Accra on Saturday afternoon, full of self-estepping pride and shine. A tall man with broad shoulders, proportionate features and wiry arms, he leant heavily on the leathery smooth […]

How to Improve Your Spelling

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Spelling! How to Improve Your Spelling : English spelling is known to be a nightmare, because there are different meanings for words that are very similar and it can depend entirely on the situation with regard to which spelling of English you use. However, there are also other […]

Your Child For Kindergarten

How To Better Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten Your Child For Kindergarten Time for pre-K. I’m sure everyone assuming your child is going to be ready for Kindergarten. I just want to mention a few items that can better prepare them for Kindergarten. I have personal knowledge here because I had a brother who struggled […]